EP 46 // Establishing Meaningful Connections, Ideas of Beauty, Outreaching & More with Photographer Michelle Van Dijk.

Podcast w. Photographer Michelle Van Dijk.

EP 46 // Establishing Meaningful Connections, Ideas of Beauty, Outreaching & More with Photographer Michelle Van Dijk.

Michelle Van Djik on Starting Out in Fashion Photography and Building Connections

In this episode of the Pitched Industries Podcast, we sit down with fashion photographer Michelle Van Djik to talk about her journey into the industry, tips for organizing and reaching out to clients, and the importance of building meaningful connections with subjects. Michelle shares her experience of starting out as a self-taught photographer and how she worked her way up to becoming a sought-after fashion photographer. She also talks about the changing notions of beauty in the industry and how she embraces diversity in her work.

We dive deep into her process of organizing her shoots and reaching out to clients, from crafting the perfect email to knowing your worth and how to price your work. Michelle stresses the importance of building genuine connections with your subjects, and shares her tips on how to make your models feel comfortable and confident during a shoot.

Additionally, we talk about the importance of not being afraid to ask for help with your business, and Michelle offers some valuable insights on how to approach collaboration and teamwork.

Join us for an insightful and inspiring conversation with Michelle Van Djik, and learn how to take your fashion photography to the next level.

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