About Pitched Industries

Pitched Industries is run by me, Nick White, to provide you with all the information and advice needed for you to find your way as a creative today. 

 Who Is Nick White & How Does He Know About This Stuff? 

 I am a twenty-six year old photographer. I graduated from University (College) in 2015 with a Arts degree in Photography & Graphic Design.
Since graduating university I have been running my own photography business and have been fortunate enough to to have my work used by numerous publications such as Monster Children, The Surfers Journal, Surfing life, Movement Magazine, Stab and many more. 

Why Has Nick Created Pitched Industries?

 When I created Pitched Industries in 2018 it had been two years since I had graduated from College. I had learnt so much through working as a photographer but soon realised that what you learn from people within the field is very different from what you learn in College. 

My curiosity to find out how people who I admire have gotten to where they are today lead me to pick up the phone and contact them. I wanted to know the struggles they had to overcome, the mistakes they may have made, or advice they may have received that helped them achieve their goals.

Through sharing these conversations with people I admire I hope to provide you with information and advice to help you move forward as a creative that you would struggle to find anywhere else. 

What Now? 

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to have you join me and my  community of 500+ aspiring and professional creatives.

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