If you know how to charge clients like a professional. You will be treated, and paid as a professional.

Are you tired of feeling unsure about your photography rates? Do you want to know how to approach potential clients and brands with confidence? Then look no further!

As a creative, you may struggle with running a business, and that’s where our course comes in. We’ll teach you everything from setting rates for different types of jobs to invoicing clients with terms and conditions. Plus, we’ll cover photo usage rates and negotiation tactics.


The truth is, if you know how to charge clients like a pro, you’ll be treated as a pro. But if you don’t understand your business costs, how to explain your rates, or how to negotiate with clients, you may be taken advantage of. This is the underlying issue facing photographers and creatives everywhere.

With over eight years of experience running a successful freelance photography business and 52 interviews with some of today’s most influential photographers on the Pitched Industries Podcast, we know what it takes to succeed in the industry.


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What You Will Learn From This Course?


  • How to structure a business for tax purposes
  • Learn to understand your pricing and know how to explain it to your client!
  • How to find out what you need to charge per shoot to stay in business and save money for those trips away or for that House you want to own someday. 
  • Give you confidence to start outreaching to clients for work. 
  • What to charge for Still, Wedding, Portrait, and Video shoots so that you can make the profit you need and deserve
  • Get the proper contracts and releases to protect your business so you can stay in business
  • What paperwork you need to properly run your business.
  • The commercial workflow Understand the process, from first client contact to completion
  • Working to a brief Identify what your client wants and execute the the shoot accordingly
  • A flexible business stratagie map out your goals simply to allow you to focus on the ares of your life you want to. (time, money, personal projects etc)
  • Discover what you should charge for support people like assistants, Make-Up artists and Stylists so that you do not end up losing money by not planning 
  • When you are done you will feel confident in creating a bid and negotiating a fair fee for your Weddings, Still projects, Video Jobs and Portrait settings
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