Are you tired of waiting for the right people to notice you and your work. Do you want to learn how to professionally approach potential clients and brands with your ideas and work? Well, you are in the right place.

If you are one of the thousands of photographers who have been building their portfolio up hoping to get noticed from re-posts on instagram or the odd double page spread in your favorite magazine keep reading on.

One thing is clear in today’s creative climate. There have never been more photographers in the world as there are right now. BUT! There has never been more of need for quality imagery and people with creative ideas to help business and brand thrive.

So how do you stand out or get your work and ideas in front of people?


I wish that someone during my three year photography and illustration degree told me this is how you do it.

Pitching your work is simply a way that you can put your work in front of the right people to be seen. It is a way that you can continue to build your portfolio but get paid to do it.

Since leaving university in 2015 and working as a photographer I have learnt a lot. However the biggest thing I have learnt is how different things are out in the working field. This lead me to create the Pitched Industries Podcast where I have been able to sit down and have conversations with some of today’s most successful creatives and ask them questions that would have helped me when I was starting out.

From these conversations I have gathered mountains of information that I have incorporated into parts of this online course.

Let me show you what you will get out from this course..

This course is for photographers who:

  • Are wanting to break into commercial photography work.
  • Who want to learn how to pitch series of work to publications.
  • Who are ready to start taking action and control of where there work is heading
  • Who have a portfolio of work (big or small).
  • Who want to start working with brands and clients they admire.
  • Who want to begin making photography their career.
  • Who want an easy to follow system that is designed to assist you all the way through.
  • Are sick of working jobs that don’t interest them out of fear that there might not be another chance.

The course is NOT for photographers who:

  • Expect overnight success (It does not exist).
  • Are not willing to be persistent.
  • Create excuses why you can’t do something.
  • Are not action takers.

You Will Be Guided Through How To Learn:

  • How to identify your dream clients and brands.
  • How to find the contact details of the right people.
  • How to create professional pitch deck proposals.
  • How to organize your portfolio to suit particular brands and clients.
  • How to create and maintain professional relationships.

After completing this course you will have all the tools, confidence and knowledge you will need to pitch your work to just about any potential client or brand. You will no longer feel like you are waiting around for the right people to find you, rather you will contacting them with ideas confidently.

The biggest problem most photographers face when it comes to contacting the clients and brands is not knowing where to start. You will know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. You will be on track to actively pushing your photography goals.

If you want to be the first to know when the course is available or be selected to be a part of the first group of students (for free) click below and leave your email address!

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