EP 31 | Changes In What’s Expected From Photographers, Refining Your Portfolio, The Future Of Freelancing & So Much More w. Photographer Phil Gallagher

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EP 31 | Changes In What’s Expected From Photographers, Refining Your Portfolio, The Future Of Freelancing  & So Much More w. Photographer Phil Gallagher

If you are wanting to learn how student have the ability to freelance your in luck! 

Today I am very excited to be sharing with you all a conversation I had with the legendary photographer Phil Gallagher. Phil is without a doubt one of water photography’s greats. He has been a staff photographer for numerous magazines including Riptide, he has shot for companies and agencies all over the world, at last count had over 70 cover shots, he’s published books, ran LeBoogie magazine, directed and produced movies, mentored photographers, taught workshops and so much more. Recently Phil helps run Aquatech Water Housings globally and is the father of three children. 

On this episode Phil and I talk about changes within the photography industry and whats expected of photographers today, discovering new waves and shooting on the road from 2001 to 2011, his time running LeBoogie magazine, how he got to working so closely with Aquatech, his creative process, the importance of refining your portfolio, dealing with changes in life and so much more. 

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