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Have you ever gone looking for answers and realised that the question has actually never been asked? Well this question pretty much sums up the inspiration for this podcast to a tee. I have been learning as I go for the past five years of my freelance photographer career. It has taken me a long time to learn some pretty simple things about the photography industry that I am in. Simply because I never really asked many questions to people.

I wouldn’t say that I have wasted much of my time getting to where I am now because I have had such a good time along the way but I sure as hell believe I could have asked a lot more questions. I want this Podcast to be as much for you as it will be for me with our learning experiences. I want to ask thought provoking questions to as many successful creatives as I can from all different areas of the creative industry; whether it be photographers, artist, filmmakers, musicians, actors, bloggers, writers… About how they got to where they are now, the things they wished they had learnt earlier, the best advice they ever received, and many, many more.

I hope that through this podcast you might learn something or be inspired which could potentially fast track you to achieving all the successes you want from your work, or simply build a better understanding about how a particular creative industry works.


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