EP 3 | Knowing Your Why, Creative Blocks, & More With Andrew Semark

Creative Rules

EP 3 | Knowing Your Why, Creative Blocks, & More With Andrew Semark

If you are wanting to learn about the fundamental creative rules then you are in luck! 

As far a surf photography goes I would have to say that Andrew Semark is among the best in the world.

His works are mesmerising. The way he is able to not only capture the beauty of the ocean but also the subtle and fracturing movements within it.

In this episode we talk about a range of different challenges and lessons that Andrew has learnt over the years, as well as his path to getting to where he is today. 

We talk about the best advise he has ever received, lessons he has learnt from his mentor and friend Russel Ord, the Instagram game, what its like to wipe out at one of Australia’s biggest waves, the mental and physical preparation that he endures before putting himself in particular situations, as well as much more.

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