EP 36 | Running A Photo Gallery, Entering Competitions, Business Advice & More w. Photographer Warren Keelan

Pricing Photography Prints & More

EP 36 | Running A Photo Gallery, Entering Competitions, Business Advice & More w. Photographer Warren Keelan

During my conversation with Warren Keelan, we discussed various aspects of photography and the art of printing images. One of the topics we covered was pricing photography prints.

Warren emphasized the importance of properly pricing your prints to ensure that you’re not undervaluing your work. He stressed that photographers should factor in the costs of producing the print, such as the cost of paper, ink, and any framing materials, as well as the value of the time and effort that went into creating the image.

He also suggested researching the prices of similar prints being sold by other photographers to get an idea of what the market value might be. It’s essential to set prices that accurately reflect the value of the work while also remaining competitive.

Another factor to consider when pricing photography prints is the size and edition of the print. A limited edition print, for example, might be priced higher than an open edition, as there are fewer copies available. Additionally, larger prints may be priced higher than smaller ones, as they require more resources and time to produce.

Warren also discussed the importance of ensuring that the pricing is consistent across different platforms, such as your website, social media, and gallery. It can be confusing for customers if the prices for the same print vary depending on where they look.

Overall, pricing photography prints can be a complex process, but by taking into account the various factors involved, photographers can ensure that they’re setting prices that accurately reflect the value of their work. As Warren said during our conversation, “your work is worth more than you think, don’t sell yourself short.”

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