EP 39 | Editorials, Storytelling, Near Death Experiences & Much More w. Photographer Austin Siadak

Photography Editorial Magazine Advice with Austin Siadak​

EP 39 | Editorials, Storytelling, Near Death Experiences & Much More w. Photographer Austin Siadak

In a recent podcast episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Austin Siadak, an incredibly talented photographer who specializes in editorial work for magazines. We delved into his creative process, the importance of finding a niche, and some of the challenges he’s faced while on assignment.

Austin’s work is all about storytelling. He spends a lot of time researching and immersing himself in the cultures and environments that he’s shooting in, in order to really capture the essence of a place or a person. He talks about how important it is to understand the editorial context of a shoot, so that he can create images that fit the specific needs of a publication.

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the importance of finding a niche within a particular genre of photography. Austin is a great example of this, as he has carved out a specific style and approach to his work that is all his own. By focusing on what he loves and what he’s good at, he’s been able to build a successful career doing what he loves.

Of course, with any creative pursuit, there are always challenges. Austin shared stories of near-death experiences while climbing, as well as the difficulties of working in remote locations with limited resources. However, he emphasized that these challenges are what make the job so rewarding.

For anyone interested in pursuing a career in editorial photography, Austin had some great advice. He recommended finding a mentor or someone who can help guide you early on in your career, as well as being persistent and putting in the hard work to make connections and build a portfolio.

Overall, my conversation with Austin was incredibly inspiring. His passion for his work and his dedication to his craft were evident throughout our discussion. I can’t wait to see what he creates next!

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