EP 9 | Clients, Valuing Your Work, & Advice For Artists With Ian Mutch

EP 9 | Clients, Valuing Your Work, & Advice For Artists With Ian Mutch

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EP 9 | Clients, Valuing Your Work, & Advice For Artists With Ian Mutch

This week I have shared a conversation I had with the hugely talented Ian Mutch. Ian’s work has traveled alla round the globe and has been featured by numerous publications including Oyster, and Transworld.

On this episode Ian gives helpful advice for artists starting out today, he talks about how he pitches his work to clients, the importance of valuing your work and so much more. 

So go ahead a click play above and have a listen! 

Some links to things we discuss in this podcast can be found below: 

Website: www.ianmutch.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ianmutch

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  1. Ian Mitch podcast was great. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Frank! So glad you liked it! Be sure to subscribe to keep in the loop with future guests. Will have having designer Brian Steely on in the next two weeks! Have a good weekend!

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