EP 30 | Interacting & Photographing Marine Life, Collaboration, Advice & So Much More w. Photographer Alex Kydd

How To Take Underwater Photos & More

EP 30 | Interacting & Photographing Marine Life, Collaboration, Advice & So Much More w. Photographer Alex Kydd

If you are wanting to learn how to take underwater photos better your in luck! 

Today I’m excited to share with you all a conversation I had with the crazy talented photographer Alex Kydd. Alex who spends the majority of the year living it Coral Bay in Western Australia is in my opinion one of the best underwater photographers going around. He is a team diver for Fourth Element Dive as well as a recent ambassador for Paralenz cameras. His work has been featured all over the place both online and in print and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

On this episode Photographer Alex Kydd and I talk about how Alex got into shooting underwater photos, the importance of collaborating and working with other creatives, interacting with marine life, misconceptions society has towards sharks, tips and advice for aspiring underwater photographers and so much more. 


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