EP 27 | How To Shoot, Organize, Edit, Advertise & Deal With Stress As A Wedding Photographer w. Zoe Morley.

How To Be A Wedding Photographer & More

EP 27 | How To Shoot, Organize, Edit, Advertise & Deal With Stress As A Wedding Photographer w. Zoe Morley.

If your wanting to learn how to be a wedding photographer and run a business then your in luck!

Today I am so excited to be sharing a conversation I had with the incredibly talented photographer Zoe Morley. Zoe predominantly shoots weddings and has established herself as one of Australia’s leading wedding photographers. Her unique take on photographing people’s special day has resulted in her at times shooting more than 50 wedding per year. So If you have ever had concerns about starting a wedding photography business or wished you could ask an established wedding photographer how they do things this is the episode for you.

On this episode Photographer Zoe Morley discusses how she was able to break into the wedding photography industry at the strat, how she deals with the stresses of a wedding day, her workflow and editing processes, outsourcing, advice for people wanting to start a business today and so much more. I am certain you will take a few things away from today’s episode so let’s get straight into it.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zoemorleyphotography/


Photo Mechanic: https://home.camerabits.com/

Smart Slides: https://pixellu.com/smartslides

Pic Time: https://www.pic-time.com/

ShootQ: https://shootq.com/

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