EP 32 | The Importance Of Creating Something Unique w. Photographer Knox Bertie

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EP 32 | The Importance Of Creating Something Unique w. Photographer Knox Bertie

Capturing a unique and personal style in photography is a challenge that many photographers face. In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Knox Bertie, a talented photographer who has managed to find his own unique style. We talked about how he got into photography, his approach to developing his photos, the pressure to conform to other photographers’ styles, his personal struggles with insomnia, and the importance of creating a style that is unique.

Knox Bertie’s journey into photography began when he was given a camera as a gift. From there, he started exploring his surroundings and taking pictures of anything that caught his eye. As he continued to take pictures, he started to develop his own unique style. His approach to photography is unconventional, and he often takes multiple exposures of the same subject to create a final image that is both surreal and striking.

One of the things that sets Knox apart from other photographers is his commitment to his own vision. He resists the pressure to conform to other photographers’ styles, choosing instead to stay true to himself and his own unique perspective. He believes that the most important thing in photography is to be true to yourself and to create work that is authentic and honest.

Knox’s photography style is often described as dreamy and ethereal. He uses light and color to create a sense of otherworldliness in his images. His work often features surreal landscapes, abandoned buildings, and other objects that have been left behind by society.

During our conversation, Knox also opened up about his personal struggles with insomnia and how it has impacted his work. He finds that his insomnia allows him to stay up late into the night and take pictures in the dark. He uses the silence and stillness of the night to create images that are haunting and beautiful.

In conclusion, Knox Bertie is a photographer who has found his own unique style and is unafraid to be true to himself. His work is a testament to the power of staying true to your vision and creating images that are authentic and honest. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to develop your own style, Knox’s work is definitely worth checking out.


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