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EP 16 | Breaking Through Personal Barriers, Having Perspective, & Advice w. Andy Bardon

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EP 16 | Breaking Through Personal Barriers, Having Perspective, & Advice w. Andy Bardon

If you are wanting to hear how you can find work with magazine editorial jobs then you are in luck.


I hope you are ready to listen to a very insightful and interesting conversation I had with photographer Andy Bardon. Andy is an incredibly talented photographer and filmmaker whose work has taken him all over the world and lead him to climb Mt Everest, dive in the clear water of Tahiti and much more! His ability and desire to capture incredible images in often high risk situations has lead his work to be regularly featured by National Geographic, The North Face, Patagonia, Black Diamond Equipment, Five Ten and many more.


On this episode Andy talks about the things he has learnt from when he started out in photography to now, how he goes about working with brands and collaborating, advice for creatives who may be finding themselves overwhelmed, how he was able to break through his own personal barriers and much more.

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