The Pitched Industries Podcast provides a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to dive deep into the world of photography and creative freelancing. The podcast is much more than just a source for photography advice – it is a platform for guests to share their personal journey and experiences, offering a unique and valuable perspective on the industry. By focusing on less conventional answers and deep-seated questions about life, career, and photography, the show delivers insightful discussions and actionable advice that can help listeners improve their skills and achieve success.


With each episode, listeners gain access to the stories of some of today’s most fascinating and successful creatives, providing the tools and motivation they need to take their creative careers to the next level. From beginners to seasoned professionals, the Pitched Industries Podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to succeed in the world of photography and creative freelancing.


The show’s inspiring and informative stories offer a unique perspective on the industry, and each guest provides valuable insights that are not found in typical photography advice. With an active focus on deep-seated questions and unconventional answers, the podcast helps listeners to develop a better understanding of themselves and the industry as a whole.

2020 Freelance Shortlist

| 2020 Freelance Category Shortlist | Andre Margarao // @andre_margarao Paolo Ong // @paolo_ong Guy Williment // @gfunk_ Peter Cirilli // @cirilliphoto Jack Gruber // @jackgruber Lance Morgan // @lancemorgan_

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2020 Student Shortlist

| 2020 Student Category Shortlist | Jules Hatton-Ward // @juleshattonwardphoto Aidan Giddings // @aidangiddingsphoto Chris Anderson // @c.d.anderson Johnte Lange // @johntelange Nolan Sullivan // @tooth_massage Ryan Fields // @ryanfieldz

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