Red Bull Illume Image Quest Masterpiece & Playground Category Winner Lorenz Holder

Red Bull Illume Image Quest Masterpiece & Playground Category Winner Lorenz Holder

Action Sport Photographer Lorenz Holder

Masterpiece & Playground Category Winner Lorenz Holder | Red Bull Illume Image Quest Series

If your interested in hearing one of the best action sports photographers talk, your in luck! 

On this episode I’ll be talking with Lorenz Holder who was the winner of the Masterpiece and Playground Categories in the 2019 Red Bull Illume Image Quest! If you have seen some mind blowing images of snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding or even BMXing I’m sure you have seen some of his work before. Because of Lorenz’s extremely creative outlook on action sports photography he is no stranger to the Red Bull Illume Image Quest leaderboard by being the overall winner in both 2013 and 2016. He has also been featured in too many editorials for me to mention here and worked with brands like Red Bull, Nitro Snowboards and many many more.

In this episode Photographer Lorenz Holder and I will be talking about how he was able to capture the winning images for both the masterpiece and playground category, his creative process, how he is able to brainstorm ideas and pitch them to brands and athletes, mental struggles he has faced in the past, advice he would give photographers starting today and so much more.

Links Discussed In Episode:

Book mentioned: This Brutal World by Perter Chadwick

Lorenz’s Website: http://www.lorenzholder.com/

Lorenz’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/lorenzholder


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